Issue 2 out now

A few people have queried the way issue 2’s number plate fits into the front bumper. The instructions use the word ‘click’ but the design has been improved so the number plate rotates freely. The number plate is held in place when the bumper is screwed on to the front of the car.

Just click on the instructions link to see how issue 2’s components fit together.


James Bond's DB5

James Bond’s DB5 is a build-up model that is collected over 85 weekly instalments from newsagents or you can subscribe online and the components will be delivered to your door every 4 weeks. Every issue comes with new components for your model and a magazine with instructions and behind-the-scenes features on the making of the 007 movies.

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Bond and the DB5

The story of how Aston Martin
and EON Productions formed
a long-lasting relationship.

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Customer guarantee

customer guarantee

When you subscribe to James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 we automatically reserve all the components
you need to build the model. We have already constructed the model from scratch so we can guarantee
that all the components fit together perfectly. You don’t need specialist skills or equipment to construct
the model, just two screwdrivers (free when you subscribe). In the instructions of the website you will find detailed and printable instructions, mini-projects, and a searchable parts list (parts list, coming soon)

instructions pages

easy instructions

The model has been designed so that it is as easy to build as possible. You will never need anything more sophisticated than a screwdriver and most components simply click together. In fact, we are confident that anyone can build the model without any specialist skills.

Detailed instructions will be supplied in the
magazine that show you how to assemble the
model in simple, easy-to-follow steps.

These instructions are also be available on this web
site so you can consult them whenever you need.instructions

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